Virginia Collins Photo Album

These pictures were scanned mostly from albums put together by Ty and Virginia Collins. Ty passed away in 1973 and Virginia in 1998. I will provide captions to these photos as I have time. King Collins, March 15, 1999.


Virginia Collins with doll at 6 years of age.
   Virginia at about 16. Looks like it is in front of Parkersburg H.S.


388 x 280

Ty Collins at his desk in the Beggs Building, Columbus, Ohio. He worked for John Hancock Life Insurance Co. from the early 1940 until he retired around 1970.


Another picture of Ty Collins, probably taken in the late 30 or early 40s.


216 x 292

Virginia Collins, a tinted photo taken when she was in her mid twenties, I think. This photo and the previous one "TyCol*" were always together always together on her dresser.

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This picture of Virginia was taken about the time I (King) was born in 1938. (Sorry, but I lost the enlarged picture. I'll put it in later)


600 x 700

Back row: Virginia Lee Hiehle Ramsey, Bill Ramsey, Ty Collins, King Collins, JoAnn Hiehle, Front: JoAnn (about 7 years old), Doris Hiehle (seated) , Virginia Collins, Goldie Hiehle (Virginia's mother). I'm not sure who the child is. (Is it Jonathan, or Stephanie?). Photo was taken at 3035 E. College Ave. in Westerville, where Ty, Virinia and family lived from about 1954-1970.


360 x 344

Rosalie Hiehle Cox, Virginia's sister, and Virginia visiting. They always had fun together.


288 x 230

Virginia and King at the SAE house, Denison University, about 1956.



 Virginia with coffee and a "little something" at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the office of the Mountain Messenger in Downieville where she worked with Liz Fisher.


773 x 578

Virginia on a train going east. This photo was taken in the summer of 1995 when Virginia and I (King) took a train trip from California to the midwest and east coast. I'd like to tell the story of this trip in more detail. We had a great time and visited many members of the family.



424 x 283

Robin Collins, Virginia's grandson, and Eric Levin, probably taken around 1991 when the boys were in their late teens.

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