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The discussion is fundamentally in support of KZYX, our local Mendocino County member controlled nonprofit public radio station. The main studio isis located in Philo, California

The host of this listserv is Norman De Vall, a former Mendocino County supervisor, known for his support for grassroots democracy. His stated purpose is to create an on-line discussion about KZYX and community radio, open to all members of KZYX, programmers, staff, and board and open to all sides to the debate about our community radio station. This includes critics and enthusiastic supporters

We seek to ground the discussion in history. The documents below and others brought up during the discussions on KZYXtalk will be posted here soon:

1) The founding of KZYX, 1990 to 2003. (There must be others.)

- Jim Tarbell, 1996: KZYX: 5 Years On The Board, 1991 - 1996

2) 2000 to present

- Linda McClure, 2001: An Insider View: Of KZYX

- King Collins, 2005: The Secret Life Of KZYX, and responses.

- Sheila Dawn Tracy, 2012 - 2014: accurate and exhaustive reports on KZYX board meetings and encounters with management. These reports are probably responsible for current wave of public concern about the station.

3) Update June 2014: Many documents have been posted or linked and we hope to make them available soon. In the last 4 months, since the listserv began there are many documents, which can be found by the patient reader at the KZYXtalk archives. Below are some of the documents listed when we started in February, 2014

- Doug McKenty, dismissed programmer: "Manifesto"

- John Coate, October, 2014: Leaked memo

- Petition: "KZYX board communicate with members." Circulated by "KZYX Members For Change"

- John Sakowicz: letter to FCC

- Candidate statements:

4) Other documents will be provided as requested.

More documents will be provided soon.

For KZYXtalk,
King Collins
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Many of the documents above are available at greenmac.com

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