MEC Candidates Statement
King Collins

What I want most of all is discussions among everyone interested--perhaps a workshop with real outcomes--about what we want the MEC to be. And, most important, what should the style of its organization be?

In 20+ years experience in County organizations, including two on the board of KZYX, I've found nonprofit membership organizations tend toward hierarchy and exclusiveness within a core group, supposedly for the sake of efficiency. Is this what the membership wants? Or should we apply the model of direct democracy, which tends toward local control and inclusiveness? I vote for direct democracy and all it stands for.

What's going on at KMEC is a fight to see who will fill management positions. But, if we're going to have managers and a "program director," there must be a proper hiring process. Indeed, whether we want to set up the radio station so hierarchically (for instance, giving one person the power to hire and fire volunteers) is a fundamental question. The FCC requires a signature not a dictator. Or do we want to use direct democracy? That would mean provisional appointments, not permanent ones; coordinators instead of directors; and an open style of organization with the membership maintaining its control through:

Transparency--honest reports to and feedback from membership;

Inclusiveness--meetings are announced to everyone and open to everyone;

Fun--if we have patience to work through differences, with humor and respect, the process itself will be fun. We disagree on many things, but what a joy it is to do things together--music, potlucks, a newspaper, a radio station. Let's have some fun!

Anyway, that's what I think.

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Let's keep the MEC alive!