Susan and Friends

Photo 1
Kathy Niece, Susan, Fr. Steve Kelley, S.J. outside the Federal building in San Jose, CA.

Susan: On August 7, 1995, Steve Kelley and I went into Lockheed-Martin in Sunnyvale, CA, where D-5 Trident missiles were being built. Around 8:30 in the morning, we climbed over the fence, walked in the door, and looked in various rooms until we found sections of the missile being worked on. We used regular household hammers to begin to convert the missile, and we poured our own blood on the missile , too.(which we had in baby bottles).

These missiles are flying ovens, and if used, would incinerate human life. If I had lived during WWII, and there were a concentration camp near me, what would have been an appropriate action?? Should I just let people die?? There were many good and truthful actions that people took then, and I think we need to clearly see what we are doing today and decide what we need to do to resist the weapons of mass destruction that our government is building today.

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