Susan and Friends

Photo 2: Outside Livermore Lab

Susan: These people are holding a banner outside the courtroom in Livermore, California. Several of us were on trial for climbing over the fense at Livermore Lab. We had leaflets about the Comprehensive Test Ban that we wanted to give to the Lab workers. Livermore Lab, in California, is where the next generation of nuclear weapons is being designed. Not only is this immoral, but according to treaties we have signed, (e.g. Comprehensive Test Ban ) we should be moving toward nuclear disarmament, not developing new weapons. Not only is the lab designing nuclear weapons, but they are not being a good neighbor. There is plutonium at a local park in Livermore, where children play. The lab insists that the levels of plutonium there are safe.

Supporters are holding a sign ("Jury: You are the conscience of the community") to remind jurors that they can acquit the activists. Traditionally, when jurors have believed that the defendants have good reason for their actions, they have refused to convict the defendants. (Fugitive slaves, abolitionists, and violators of Prohibition were often acquitted even though they were in violation of existing law.)

Jurors have the power to say: Yes, you trespassed on the Lab property. Yes, you painted shadows on the lab sidewalks. However, we think what you did was reasonable in light of the immorality of building weapons that can destroy the whole earth.

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