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Eagle Extra (distributed as part of the November issue of the Eagle)

After the publication of this issue of the Eagle, the college administration cut the link to the Eagle web site. In the late summer, just before fall classes began, the administration tried to shut down the printed paper.

March 1997

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1997-98 school year

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October 1997

October 1997 Extra No. 2

Contains survey responses from over 60 people to questions about the "controversy"

December 1997

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1999-2000 school year

Issues printed in 1999 are only available in hard copy at this time. (The new journalism program and the Eagle has no web site at this time, and they do not recognize this web site.)

Other matters relating to the Eagle that happened so far this semester:

Academic senate hearings on the grand jury report on "Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Communication at Mendocino College." Included here are the grand jury report, the college response, and testimony from Russ Emal, Zack Darling, and Marya Legrand (former editors of the Eagle), Dale Glaser and King Collins (former advisors), Susan Bell (former Dean of Instruction), Ross Beck, (Mendocino College Public Relations Officer), Nancy McLelland (lead faculty of the new journalism department) Deborah Wallace (current editor of the Eagle).

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