The March 1996 Eagle

2% of Students Vote! by Russ Emal
Some comments about the recent Associated Student Body elections.
Cleaner Gas at the Pumps by
By June 1, 1996, California will have the cleanest gasoline in the world.
Election 96 on the Net by Dale Glaser
Now, up-to-the-minute election results can be obtained from the Internet.
Emal's Corner by Russ Emal
Thoughts and observations around and about the campus by The Eagle's editor.
How About Coho ? by King Collins
A look at the co-housing movement.
Internet In 1996 by Dale Glaser
What has happened on the net over the last year, and what is to come.
Interview with Linda Myers by Tammie Gilliam
An interview with the Director of the Mendocino College Learning Center.
Is BGH in Trouble? by Peter Montague
A look at the rocky road of Monsanto's bonvine growth hormone to increase milk production in cows.
Letter to the American People by Richard Kimball, Board President of Vote Smart
Vote Smart is a new information database on political information for the public. You ask the questions, they supply the information. A great new resource.
Multimedia Update by King Collins
An overview of multimedia and the continued work of the Community Multimedia Group.
News from the Ag Dept. by Marilyn Friedman
The latest events and activities at the college Ag Dept.
Susan Walks Her Talk by King Collins
Susan Crane hammered on a trident missile as a symbol of beating plowshares into swords. She went to trial for felony destruction of property, she committed the act on behalf of peace.
To the Judge of Susan Crane by Louis Korn
One of the many letters of support sent to the judge who sentenced Susan Crane.
Tutor of the Month - Cheryl Cornett by Susan Orozco
Each month, a student tutor is highlighted and interviewed in the Eagle.


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Author: Eagle staff
Last Update:4/22/96