The March 1997 Eagle

Mission of the College by King Collins
"The EAGLE staff pondered the destiny of our publication: Was it to be, we wondered, a paper of some worth to its community, perhaps even a force in history, or just a rag like so many others?... As part of our deliberations, we began to circulate some documents about mission of the academic community, and our relationship to it."
Censorship! by Russ Emal
Interview with Sejii Sugawara discussing incidents of censorship that have occurred at the college in the recent past.
The Missing Link by Russ Emal
A Case Study of Process at Mendocino College - Comments from the college community and responses from the Eagle staff on the college deleting the link to the Eagle newspaper from the college's web site.
Letters to the Editor
The students and staff of the college address their current concerns, and the Eagle responds.


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