Senate supports Eagle Web Site
in a close vote

On March 4, 1997, the Academic Senate voted 4 to 3 in favor of the following resolution which is now under discussion with the Administration.

Resolution to re-establish the link to the Eagle web site from the Mendocino College web site:

WHEREAS the Eagle web site is a significant communication tool developed by a faculty member, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site is an established part of the Eagle newspaper and is afforded the same importance by the staff as the print version, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site is a learning tool for students and an example of the use of the new electronic communication medium of the Internet, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site's design and presentation reflect well upon the college and upon the faculty and students who maintain it, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site provides a means for presenting current issues and information about the college in a more timely manner than the print version, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site offers students the opportunity to be directly involved and educated in the latest developments in telecommunications technology at Mendocino College, AND

WHEREAS students and faculty currently have only limited access to the Internet and other recent advances in telecommunications technology, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site provides direct access to an archive of past articles from the Eagle which provides a permanent storehouse of historical data in electronic form, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle site offers an extensive and growing set of web links to student-related information, including links to job searching and student scholarship information, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle web site provides is a potential tool to increase communication among faculty, staff, and students at the college, AND

WHEREAS the Academic Senate recognizes its responsibility to support the constitutional right of free expression, AND

WHEREAS the Eagle newspaper is an established academic program at Mendocino College and information about this program should be available to the public, AND

WHEREAS the college web site makes no mention of the print and on-line newspaper,

THEREFORE, let it be resolved that the Academic Senate strongly requests that the Administration re-establish the link between the Mendocino College web site and the Eagle newspaper web site.

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