The May 1997 Eagle

New Editor, Old Issues By Marya Legrand, Editor
Staff Box
This is What the Controversy is About By Larry Mac Leitch
Accusations of Administrative Malfeasance - True or False ?
About Eagle Survey By Marya Legrand, Editor
CCMC quits investigation: Board denies cover-up By King Collins
CCMC responds: "Contempt for public process...Administrators running public institution as private club" By Sally Gearhart and Tom Johnson
MacMillan: Faculty is divided, and rhetorically skilled "community of outrage" is eroding our reputation, integrity.
Sowing The Seeds By Lisa M. Brennan
The 15th Annual Academic Awards
College Money a Secret? By Alan Frey
Grants, Tax Breaks Available By Cory Black
Fall Semester Honor Students By Lael Morrison
Knowledge Is Power By Marya Legrand
This information comes from the Instructions to the Board: Shared Governance for Faculty/Students
Shared Governance: Students, Governance, and and Title 5
Shared Governance: State Recognition for Student Senate
February and March/April Tutors of the Month By Susan Orocozo
Senate asks Trustees to Investigate Hiring of Athletic Director
Recent Resolutions before the Academic Senate
May Calendar of Events
Science Facts and Legends

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