The April 1996 Eagle

Are the Fetzer Gardens Dying? (PDF file, about 200K)
Inside view: An interview with Michael Maltas, the creator of the Fetzer Gardens.
Alternative Energy on the Internet by Dale Glaser
Some Internet web sites devoted to alternative energy, including a more in-depth description of the energy system described in this article.
Emals Corner by Russ Emal
Russ' monthly look at life!
Living on Solar Energy by Dale Glaser
Dale, a teacher at Mendocino College, talks about the field of alternative energy and describes his own energy system, which has been supplying water heating and electricity from the sun for 15 years.
M.C. Needs a Journalism Program by Russ Emal
Mendocino College, in existence for more than two decades, still has no Journalism Program.


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