The October 1997 Eagle

Editorial By Marya Legrand and Chester Collins


We are skipping a few articles, for the moment, and putting the articles we think are most relevant. More artilces will be posted. soon.

Note: Page numbers refer to the page in the printed edition, available from the Eagle, Main Campus, and elsewhere as posted on the home page.

Letters to the 2

BOARD DOING A GOOD JOB, LEMPKE OK from Lucia Goivannetti, PART-TIME: OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND from William J. Russel

It's Old, It's Young. It's a Student

About the EAGLE and its community, from the lofty perspective highest oject on campus: the water tank
By Al 6

Mendo student joins Americorp "Action for Children".
Visit Belinda at her job, helping children
By Belinda Slatten....8

Tutor of the Month: Veronica Molina.
By Susan 9

Movie Review: "L.A. Confidential."
Better than a blockbuster hit
By Emily and 10

Freedom Skate Shop and the Ukiah Skate Park.
A look at the new skate shop and plans for the skate park
By Chester 11

Que Viva Cuba!.
By Alida 12

John Seed: Crusader for the Rain Forest.
One of the very first rainforest activists....page14

The Recycling Adventure!
Working with the Ecology Club.
By Derek 15

Niko at Headwaters.
News from the ancient woods and the people living the campaign to save old-growth.
By Niko 16

Forums Illuminate First Board of Trustees Election in 10 years.
On the quad, between Spanbauer and 18

Forum draws large crowd at City Hall.
Candidates Spanbauer, Pauli, Lemke, McClure and Fortin discuss the 19

Mendocino College goes Solar
A picture of the 20
By Tony Chiantelli

Humor Page
Panda bear kills piano player, World's Shortests 23

The Eagle Responds to Journalism Proposal
Concerns about and agreements with McLelland's proposal....22

The Bilingual Page
Let's have a Spanish / 24

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