The December 1997 Eagle

By Chet Collins, Editor

Table of Contents

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Letters to the 2

Encouraging words from Susan Bell, SRJC uses Mendo's underground publication, Tony Latronica won't respond to "The investigation that wasn't."

Skate Park Benifit
Ronnie Hart covers Fall Club Day December 18 ....page5

Mixed Feelings on Elections
By April Pack
A look at student and canidate's 6

California Garden Project
By the Ag Dept.
One of the Ag Department's newest programs in 7

What's up with the new Journalism Department?
A interview with Lillian Brown, the new instructor for the Spring Semester .
By Chet Collins...page8

Tutor of the Month: Russ Hard
By Susan Orozco....9

Mad City
Movie review by Emily Hine....10

Rio's Eco Tips
By Rio Palley
Ecological tips you can practice at home ....10

Full Monty
Movie Review by Naida Blevins....11

Meditation with Niko
By Niko
Another adventure with Niko, this time to new realms....12

Education Through Enpowerment
By Ron Gosselin....14

Recycling Adventure
Active students report on campus eco-issues....15

Mendo's Future "For Sale"
College students ask why land gift is for sale..16

ASMC Card Discounts
Ukiah Rep Cody "the Italian Stallion" gives the latest discounts .... 17

Question Man (lots of the picures and good ideas!)
Devin Daniel roams the campus doin' his duty....18

Bird Turds in Eco-Land
Final thoughts of a simple Eagle ....20

Child Development Center
A look at one of MC's most programs 21

Humor Page
Tid-bits and Robbin' 22

The Multi-Cultural Page
Poems in Latin, German and English 23

Faculty Advisors Bid Farwell!
A note from our faculty advisors as big change at the Eagle swings into action 24

Three Student Editors Made Huge Contributions 24


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