The March 1998 Eagle

This issue is still under construction. The full printed version is available at the Ukiah, Willits and Lakeport Campus.

By Will McCorkle

Letters to the Editor.


Winter Storms Wreak Havoc on Liberary's Roof
By Larry Guyette

Mendo's Freindly Security Guard
By Psyche Ives

Rick Stewart: New Dean of Students
By Debra Wallace

Being a Liberarian-Not as Quiet as I Thought
By Yvonne Sligh

OPINIONS: Students Resist Administration Take-over

Eagle Web Site Underfire
By Mike Oliveria

Administration Takeover a Repeat
By R.Michael Johnson
a.k.a Uncle Bob

Spring at the MC Eagle
By Chester Collins

Student Speaks Out!
By April Pack

CARTOON: Mendocino College Administration Hits Troubled Waters
By anonymous students of COM 100.


My World View
By Derek Dahlen

The Bombing of Iraq; Sex? Oil? Or Both?
By Heidi Knittel

Eagle Mini-Survey (with photos and answers from 26 students:)
Lisa Badenfort, The Question Person

"What could be changed or added to Mendocino College to better serve your needs?"

Part 1 of 3 (pcitures and answers from 8 students)
Part 2 of 3 (pcitures and answers from 8 students)

"What do you think about smoking on campus?"

Part 3 of 3 (pcitures and answers from 10 students)

An Evening with Kevin Locke
By Derek Dahlen

Music and Community
By Derek Dahlen

Killer Action in "Replacement Killers"
By Areon Ives

"Titanic" as Big as its Name
By Areon Ives

The Stars Come Out on Oscar Night
By Emily Ansolabehere-Hine

Recycling Adventure
By Derek Dahlen

Defend Prop 215
From Citizens Action Alert

Attention Shoppers!
By Rio Palley

Shade Brigade Plants Trees

Don't Nuke My Burger!
Information collected byBy Rio Palley

Poetry Page

Eagle baseball Season Underway
By Jeremy Nash and Mike Oliveria

Humor Page

Wallen Says Science Faculty Left Out Of Decision To Sell Land

What about Frisbee (under construction)

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