The April 1998 Eagle

This issue is still under construction. The full printed version is available at the Ukiah, Willits and Lakeport Campus.

By Will McCorkle

Letters to the Editor.


Land Sale Shocks Sceince Department
By Chester Collins

A 'Mass'-ive Production
By Ryan Funderburg

New Smog Laws Create Debate
By James Hornsby

Mishap on Hensley Road...


Quit Your Whining
By April Pack

Fellow Smokers Listen Up
By Hollyann King


College MESA Program in Jepardy
By CAeron Ives

More Money for Student?
By Aeron Ives

Notes from the Librarian
By Yvonne Sligh


Staying Connected Pagers Sweep America
By Deva Richards

Computer Junkies Await Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 4
By Silas Martinaz


EASTER: A Pagan Festival Celebrated by Christians
By Psyche Ives


Cameron, 'Titanic' Kings of the World
By Aeron Ives

Doc and Dawg at LBC
By Derek Dahlen

'Lost in Space' a Fun Ride
By Aeron Ives


An Interview By Heidi Knitte


Athletics: Looking for A Feg Good Women
By Eric Sligh

March Madness, Sadness, and Tears of Joy
By Psyche Ives

Nothern Cal. High School Track Meet
By Debra Wallace


Act Now to Protect the Organic Label

Eagle Peak to Celebrate Earthday

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