Leuty responds to Mishler

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 19:49:39 -0700

From:Barbara Leuty (leuty@gateway.net)

Subject: response to Michael Mishler, eagle forum


I would suggest that if you publish something on this web site regarding the ASMC, I would tell your reporter to get all the information about the topic before he makes written assumptions. If Michael Mishler is accusing me of illegal activities, then maybe he should have the proper etiquette and respect to confront me (if he even has it in him) before spreading false lies about the ASMC. I know that this falls under the purview of freedom of speech, which I respect highly, but this is not the proper avenue in pursuing this problem. I will be seeing you in the Academic Senate Meeting next Monday.

Barbara Leuty,
ASMC President

Response to the above comment from Michael Mishler

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