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This Eagle website is better than no Eagle website. There is no evidence, from my time here (since Aug. 1999) that there is any serious intention of producing an Eagle website. They certainly give the idea lip service, but the rest of the style of running this paper suggests that it won't happen any time soon unless they're pushed into it by outside pressure. Not only that, but the by far best way to set it up is with its own server and a link to the college from the site and hopefully vice versa. That way, it has both the appearance and the reality of independence. You could certainly link the present guerilla site to MC's if it was worth it. The Eagle's style this year, you ask? The Eagle office is always closed except during what might be called production week. Only the instructor, (who, it may be argued, has no need of access to a truly independent student paper) and the editor, plus one more favored person, Kyle Throop, a member of the fundamentalist cabal (see my profile of him in Sept. 1999 Eagle), have keys. This lack of access to the paper sends two messages, imho: first, "we don't trust you;" and second, "we don't need you." I say: if you don't trust me, say so and I can decide whether to keep at it anyway, which of course I have done. If you don't need me, why act like you do and complain about lack of participation??? The lack of response this year would have resulted in a cancellation of classes for less favored courses. The instructor/academic "advisor" (spy), *should* have been cancelled, because she only teaches from the textbook and defines journalism as an idiosyncratic writing style. Not a word about Zenger, Tom Paine, Defoe, Sinclair, Steinbeck, Hemingway, first amendment, etc. etc. etc., never mind Nellie Bly (sp?), Edw. Murrow, war correspondents, investigative reporting, "new" or "advocacy" journalism, nonfiction novels (Capote, Mailer, Wolfe, et al.) No, to Lee Ann, journalism is the inverted pyramid, the five w's (and an h) and that's all folks!!! They would learn more by putting a paper together and then having a postmortem, presided over by whoever had a couple hours free each week! I feel for any of the students who want to transfer to a real journalism program, such as at UC, UF, or Missouri. They better realize they have been cheated. For a (relatively) small college, MC sure has a big bureaucracy! Not only that, but the Eagle is not the only place where participants are locked out. The ASMC has insiders too! What a shock, you say? Sure, but when they tell an ASMC officer that they are having a private meeting, I wonder: are they doing something illegal? Or maybe somebody wants a few intimate moments alone?

Response from ASMC president, Barbara Leuty.

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