Notes from the Fall 1999Academic Senate Meetings

Testimony Regarding the 1999 Grand Jury Report
On Freedom Of Speech at Mendocino College

Transcript/Notes of Academic Senate Testimony on the Response of the College Administration to the Grand Jury Report:

Session 1: October 18, 1999: Former editors (Russ Emal, Zack Darling) former advisors: (Dale Glaser and King Collins) and others.

Session 2: Nov. 15, 1999: Lead faculty of the new journalism department: Nancy McLelland.

Other testimony: Deborah Wallace, current editor of the Eagle, Marya Legrand, former editor

Prior to the following discussion, the Senate was provided with copies of the grand jury report, the college response to that report and a review of the relevant written by the two former advisors of the Eagle:

GRAND JURY REPORT on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Communication at Mendocino College

Response by Mendocino College

Review of the Eagle and the Controversy of 1996-1997
By the former advisors to the college newspaper.

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