1. Who recently wrote a letter to the Eagle asking if perhaps the college name was being used illegally by the Mendocino College Eagle web site?


2. Carl Ehman assumed the presidency of Mendo College in:

1942, 1956, 1990, 1995

3. Whose political posters were removed by the College Administration in 1990?

Would you believe it was this person?

4A. Who stood at the gates of the college to prevent the video-taping of an interview critical of Gov. Wilson?

4B. What year did that happen?

The answer is here!

5.There was a big uproar when this person was appointed to the PR postion in 1996. What is her name?

Answer found somehwere in here

6. At the heart of the controversy at Mendo College was a critical letter written to the Board of Trustees. Who wrote that letter?

Click here if you don't know.

7. The Eagle web site was disconnected in November, 1996. About how long after the publication of the first Eagle Extra did that happen?

Russ Emal knows!

8. A Citizens group formed to look into the controversy and Mendocino College in 1997. The initials were CCMC. What do those initials stand for?


9. The Eagle established "Principles of Operation" that were agreed to by the Eagle advisors and key administrators. Who were the administrators?

The answer appears in Eagle response to the McClelland proposal for a new journalism program.

10. Who said that the administration "squashed the Eagle simply because they don't like the flow of criticism coming from it?"

Answer found here.

11. Who wrote the proposal for a new journalism program?

Answer is here.

12. Who was the student editor of the Eagle when the critical letter by Susan Bell was published?

Russ Emal, Zack Darling, Marya Legrand, Chester Collins or Thomas Paine?

13. 40% of the students attending Mendocino College are between the ages of:

17-21, 21-30, 30 - 49, Over 50

This may surprise you... The answer is here!

14. Who said "It was immensely gratifying to find the Eagle at the center of the controversy."

Hint: He wrote a letter to the editor which is (to be) printed in the March issue of the Eagle.

15. What person, then Director of Athletics, wrote a letter titled: "Who are the publication police?"

It was a letter to the editor!

15. Name the 4 student editors of the Eagle who preceeded Will McC:

Hint: Their first names are: Russ, Zack , Marya, and Chester.

17. The college administration put out a "proposed web policy." According to this proposal, the official web site to be:

1. an open forum
2. a marketing tool of the college.

18. In the spring of 1997, the Senate passed a resolution in support of the Eagle web site. What did that resolution ask the administration to do?


19. Who wrote an article in the Eagle that was critical of Masonite?

Ans: Zack Darling, Russ Emal, Edward R. Murrow, or Noam Chomsky.


20. In 1989 the State Assembly passed AB1725. What was the subject of this bill?: Hint:

Answer found in this linked document.

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