Regarding Freedom of Speech
At Mendocino College

July 14, 1999 : The following report is part of the final report issued last week by the grand jury. The full report, we are told, will be available on line soon. Here's the part that concerns The Eagle:

Mendocino-Lake Community College

The Mendocino-Lake Community College (College) is a community college serving Mendocino and Lake Counties.

Reason for Review

The Grand Jury received a complaint about possible violations of freedom of speech based on the status of the student newspaper, The Eagle, being forced to change from a volunteer student activity to one under the direct control of the English Department.

Method of Investigation

The Grand Jury interviewed two former faculty advisors of The Eagle, two members of the

College Board of Trustees (Board), the President of the College as well as the complainant. The

Grand Jury also interviewed a citizen interested in the operation of the College and several members of the staff at the College.


Freedom of Expression

5. The journalism teacher/faculty advisor has stated a commitment to ensuring that the publication meets high standards for quality journalism and to the free expression of ideas and non-interference in what appears in the newspaper.

Freedom of Communication


An administrative official told some staff members that some information "should not be included" in a departmental status report to the Board. The accuracy, or inaccuracy, of the information was not given as the reason for eliminating parts of the report.

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