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Open letter to the Mendocino College Community
By Michael Mishler (received 11/4/99)

Comments by Michael Mishler, (former) reporter for the Eagle

Response to the above notes from Barbara Leuty, ASMC president

Rejoinder by Michael Mishler

Mishler corrects his comments about Throop

The following messages were deposited in the Eagle guest book in early 1998. There are some valuable comments here, so please bear with us while we get them organized.

Thu Feb 5 11:12:57 PST 1998

al krauss
eagle eyes
Location: in your sky, above

Just read the 2/08/update, and found your E-Mail responses to the Web.
SOS re other college newspapers very encouraging. I hope you follow up on this, etc. It would be nice if there were links to those sources included in their messages. Is that hard for you to do?

Of course, Mendo Coll. has taken huge steps backwards, and I hope you are shovelling this stuff towards Lillian Brown. I have to believe that her journalistic soul will, sooner or later, respond.

Regards, Al K.

Sun Feb 8 16:34:05 PST 1998


Location: Sacramento, California

Caviat Emptor! (Let the buyer beware)

I graduated from Mendocino College this past June and now enrolled at CSU Sacramento. There was quite a bit that my advisor at Mendo either failed to mention, blew off or, wasn't competant enough to factor in in my lower division program. I and several others were bogusly informed that a AA degrree from Mendocino would satisfy ALL lower division transfer requirements for ALL California State University campuses. NOT SO! Upon my counseling session at CSU Sacramento, found out that I lacked a second semester English Composition class plus needed THREE SEMESTERS of a FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

I would gravely suggest that when planning your class schedules at Mendocino College that you use the CSU or UC catalog of the campus that you are going to transfer to. DON'T RELY ON THE CHECKLISTS PROVIDED BY THE MENDOCINO COLLEGE ADVISORS!!!! They are inaccurate.

My question is: "Why are the citizens of Mendocino/Lake county paying such high saleries to these advisors who obviously DON'T HAVE A BLOOMING CLUE as to the the transfer process? (The fleecing of America!!!).

I'm all the much WISER now.

Good Luck!

Mon Feb 23 19:26:27 PST 1998

R. Michael Johnson
Insufficient Dada
Location: left coast
E-mail: home@last

Sun Mar 1 11:26:27 PST 1998
Bernard Lemke
Location: Ukiah

I like your forum and the work you are doing on your web page, but I question the use of "Mendocino College" in your title "Mendocino College Eagle Newspaper". The California Education Code, Section 72000, states that "the names of community colleges maintained by the district are the property of the district. No person shall, without permission of the board, use these names, or any abbreviation of them, or any name of which these words are a part in any of the following ways:.....". It then goes on to list a number of situations which would appear to strongly apply in your case. I'm too lazy and it's too late to type them all. I would suggest you contact the administration of Mendocino College regarding their views on the use of "Mendocino College", since violations such as this are actionable items. Your use of this name is particularly confusing since there is I believe another Eagle in existence under the Instructional program. I don't have available for you the entire text of 72000, but I definitely think you should check it out. Bernard Lemke

Thu Mar 5 00:15:23 PST 1998

Subwebmaster (King Collins, former advisor to the Eagle)

Location: Ukiah, California

For those interested in Bernard Lemke's questions (by the way he is a member of the college Board of Trustees) please refer to the Eagle Forum home page and follow the links.

There have been some very interesting developments at the college which are being discussed. The web page is updated regularly.

For those who want to get up to speed, you can play Eagle Trivia.

And please do leave us a message here in the guest book, write the Mendocino College Eagle ( or call 468-3096. Direct your message to the Eagle webmaster.

Sun Mar 15, 1998

Ernest K. Jones, Jr.
Ukiah Community Center
Location: 888 N. State St., Ukiah, CA 95482

From dissent comes change. Change is unknown unless your dissent was without purpose. Those who question dissent, either have a better idea or a vested interest to be lost. The better idea needs to be heard and the anti-dissenter counseled.
Dissenters brought down the tranny of the powerful over 200 years ago and formed a democratic nation. Keep up the tradition.

Tue Mar 17, 1998
Al Krauss


The lead editorial in your March 1998 issue (of the Eagle), unfortunately, does not accomplish its stated goal, moving forward and "tranquilizing" the past.

By characterizing the history of this past year as - and I can't access the text as I write this, so I may be paraphrasing what I just read - "childish stuff" and "the result of a club-like action" by a clique of persons on the paper, Will (?) reduces everything to a relativist mush, in which all actors are lumped together.

The fact is, we just went through, and are continuing to experience, a major working out of serious issues in a controversy which implicates the present administration of the College as, at the very least, grossly inept.

While I am here, I would also like to comment on the technical issue Bernard Lemke raised, concerning the use of the Mendocino College name on this "unofficial" website... Although he cites the Ed Code, the Ed Code was not written with the current situation in mind, and the code does not cover the line of continuity which is represented here.

In fact, it is the actions of the College president which are in violation, not only of the Ed Code, but of major constitutional statutes and rights declarations.

The spurious issues of copyright and policy raised in a recent meeting about the future of the college website and of the Eagle web connection to that site, are masking issues, matters of hindsight and afterthought generated by the more fundamental concerns any civil libertarian should have.

Thank you for your attention - - A. Krauss

Thu Mar 26 ,1998

Tony Chiantelli
Mendocino Colege Student

I am outraged at the extreme STUPIDITY!!! Of the Mendocino College people who are ending the existance of the art lab in the art building. We students nead that lab, they may not know it but that lab is the heart and soul of the present and soon to be computer graphics students. If that lab leaves then that is like commiting a murder, a murder of the students possible future in the computer graphics field at Mendocino College. If you agree with me then make a stand!!! We are tired of this STUPIDITY and we wont take it any more!!!

Mon Mar 30, 1998

Al Pierce
Educator, California Schools (retired)
Location: 720 S. Oak St. Ukiah CA 95482

Congratulations on your Struggle to maintain a student newpaper without interference from the
Mendocino College Administration. Total censorship is their goal. Without first amendment rights, you will not have a newspaper.
Without a newspaper, you will lose the most important instrument for practicing our freedom of speech.
Therein lies Tyranny.

Thu Apr 16, 1998


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