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These pages are maintained under the auspices of Dale Glaser (Dale died August, 2005) and King Collins (707 462-4543) former faculty advisors of the Eagle. Until recently, this site has been little more than a time capsule, awaiting the moment when the public forum is reinstated at our community college. The question of free expression was discussed formally at the academic senate on October 18 and November 15, 1999. Those interested can read the testimony of many of the key players. (See Transcript/Notes of Academic Senate Testimony below.)

Quick Review: In the November, 1996 "Extra" issue of the Eagle, a letter from Dean Susan Bell was printed. That letter was critical of the administration's handling of various matters at the college. A vigorous discussion took place in the pages of the Eagle about the letter and the Eagle's right to publish it. (For a more detailed discussion of the history by Glaser and Collins, see Review Controversy of 1996-1997.) In the spring of 1997, the administration tried and failed to shut down the paper. However, in 1998, the program was eliminated and a new journalism program was installed under the direction of Nancy McLelland of the English Department. Her attitude toward journalism, free speech and the "old" Eagle staff is evident from the transcripts below. The Mendocino County Grand Jury investigated and wrote a critical report about the state of communications and free speech at the college. (See reference to Grand Jury Report in the transcripts below.)

The new Eagle was cozy with the administration, and very concerned about preventing students from having control over crucial aspects of the paper. In 2001, after a series of uninspired editions of the newspaper, the "new" journalism program failed, due in part to lack of interest from students and faculty. The last issue of the Eagle was printed in the spring of 2001. The college was without a newspaper of any kind for the first time in its 25 year history.

In 2001, college president, Carl Ehmann retired. Ehmann and his vice president, Don Vasconcellos, had a well-deserved reputation for suppressing free speech at the college. The nex president, Marilyn Brock, was installed in the fall of 2001, but eveidently Ms. Brock and most of the faculty were content to let sleeping Eagles lie.

Other efforts to creatae a college newspaper: In 1992, the part-time faculty association sponsored an effort to create a "faculty sponsored publication." In February, 2002, the academic senate of Mendocino College passed resolution F01.02 designed to produce a newspaper edited by the faculty. No such faculty publication ever emerged, and unfortunately, according to the English department and the Brock administration, it will be years before journalism will be taught as an instructional program at the college. This, we are told, is because the English Department has decided that it must have a full-time journalism teacher for the program, which will require more money and more time to accomplish. That is an Interesting point, especially when you consider that the Eagle of 1996 -1997, which involved many students and produced the first college web site, was run by couple of part-time faculty members who received a very small stipend.

((Editorial note, March, 8, 2006: The above text was written in 2003 before the latest college president was selected. At this date, Spring, 2006, there is some talk that students may puiblish a newspaper under the auspices of the Associated Students.))

For more about the passing of Dale Glaser, see Remembering Dale.

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1999 Hearings on Freedom of Speech at Mendocino College

Transcript/Notes of Academic Senate Testimony on the Response of the College Administration to the Grand Jury Report:

Session 1: October 18, 1999: Former editors (Russ Emal, Zack Darling) former advisors: (Dale Glaser and King Collins) and others.

Session 2: Nov. 15, 1999: Lead faculty of the new journalism department: Nancy McLelland.

Other testimony: Deborah Wallace, current editor of the Eagle, Marya Legrand, former editor

For those of you who are not familiar with the "controversy," here is a

Review of the Eagle and the Controversy of 1996-1997
By the former advisors to the college newspaper.

The two of us (King and Dale) testified before the grand jury regarding the fate of the Eagle at Mendocino College. The grand jury report and the response by the college (below) were released this fall. The following are the reports which were discussed in the academic senate.

GRAND JURY REPORT on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Communication at Mendocino College

Response by Mendocino College

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This archive includes issues from March 1996 - April 1998.

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The reconstructed Eagle is (was) available on campus. It is still a good learning experience, although not exactly what you would call avant garde journalism. Don't expect to find out what is going on, politically, on campus or elsewhere. All that is forgotten.

We welcome comments from Eagle staff, advisor, editor, reporters, lead faculty, whoever. What we receive, we will respond to.

Last year (1999 - 2000) there was a riffle of discontent from the student ranks. Michael Mishler, former reporter for the Mendocino College Eagle, provided the following articles and commentary.

Open letter to the Mendocino College Community

Letters to the Mendocino College Eagle Forum

Field: College broke Title IX rules
By Michael Mishler, published in the September Eagle
For more about Peter Field and other perspectives on the college, go to the part-time faculty web site,

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