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ISSUE No. 10 - Spring 2013

The So-called Forum
Sakawicz Vs. Collins


John Sakowicz
Programmer and financial analyst

KZYX is doing fine.

King Collins
Former board member, critic
"Democracy is hanging by a thread"


Congratulations John on your election
---But We, the Minority, Have A Few Questions

Congratulations John. and thanks to the 80 or so brave souls who risked everything to vote for me. And it is always good to have my annual talk with the members. And by the way, running for the board is the only way a member can talk, in writing, to the other members. So I always run, knowing that the station wizards will find someone to run against me, whether they show up for meetings or not. I'm sure John Sakowicz will show up for meetings.

I think John will fit in: He's a good friend of the GM, and he's familiar with unnecessarily secretive workings of the board and its remoteness from the members. We'll see. I'm really interested right now. There's a lot going on. Here's my hit on what happened at the "forum" and some things that should be on the agenda, someday soon. Right John? kc

Where's the Ukiah Studio Money?

Friday, March 22. By King Collins

John and I were heard on "Open LInes." According to the hastily formed plan to make a minimal show of having a debate, and to force our answers into an acceptable form, John and I were each asked the same four boring question. The questioning by David S., staff, was strange, Kafkaesque. I completely lost my sense of humor. Never get caught without your sense of humor, but anyway:

I started by reading a short statement (the first line was censored):

Although I object to the narrowing of the forum and the effort to eliminate board elections:

1) I want you all to know I have nothing against John Sakowicz.

2) I very much appreciate the work of the staff and programmers.

3) My concern now is the same as it has always been: with the BOARD: and specifically with its ACCOUNTABILiTY to the members and it's OVERSIGHT of the General Manager.

4) I will use my time to speak frankly to the members and to the board about the points above and the future of the station, including the proposed studio in downtown Ukiah.

I don't want to take the time to recall all I said. It's all covered in what is here on this web site (The Media Forum) and things I've already written.

In response to Question 4 about what experience I (the candidate) have with Fundraising. I answered with a story about raising money for the Ukiah studio, and how a bunch of us Ukiah folks (Sandy Turner, Margaret Mastin, and several others, used Barry Vogel's red popcorn machine to sell "Organic Popcorn.".(I've still got the sign.) We did that for six weekends at the at the Park in Ukiah. It was hot as hell. That was when the Ukiah Studio seemed like a sure thing. We had a committee and a lot of community support. We raised money under the KZYX banner during that summer of 2004. We made a little less than a thousand dollars, but combined with what was already given to the Ukiah Studio, the amount was over $5000. .It was understood when the money was raised that it would be used for the Ukiah Studio

Coate says the Ukiah studio is coming soon.

So now, according to John Coate, it won't be long before Ukiah will finally have its satellite studio. Wow! That great to hear. And we've already go money set aside for that, Right? Over $6000, Right John?.

The Ukiah Studio money has disappeared!

John Coate says there is no more Ukiah studio money. It was put into the general fund and cannot be retrieved.

Did the board vote on this? Does it appear in the minutes?

It's this kind of mischief that the board is supposed to be accountable for. It's supposed to OVERSEE the GM.

I don't know if it came across or not, but my idea was to close the discussion with a focus on the fate of the Ukiah Studio money as a clear example how the board is not functioning in the interest of the members, certainly not of the Ukiah members.

King Collins

P.S. The election and the way it was handled is another clear and blatant example of board misfunction. The whole election was orchestrated by the GM, and all the while he complained that his staff is too busy for this election stuff. But wait! John, you took over all the election stuff, when that is supposed to be done by the board.

I'm not wasting any more time with details of how wildly out of compliance this particular election was. If anyone was nasty enough to challenge it legally it would be invalidated. I'm not into that, but it is surprising how lightly Coate---and the Board---take these matters.


* * * *

I heard me and John, and the confused call-ins on Open Lines. It was a fine example of how not to conduct a discussion about anything.

King Collins

For what John Sakowicz had to say, check out his candidate's statement; That pretty much covers his side.

You can read all about my adventures at the radio station, starting with the Secret Life of KZYX, part 1 and part 2, and now Part 3, The Transparency Papers. Taken together they are a compilation of my Quixotic struggle to bring hope and salvation to KZYX.

* * * *

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