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ISSUE No. 11 - Fall 2013

Winds Of Change blow through
the board

at the October 2013 Board Meeting

Above: President liane Herring, Vice President Meg Courtney. Gneral Manager John Coate, Board member Stuart Campbell (programmer elected).

Eliane Herring, on left, said she had looked at the Board Policies and Procedures and the Bylaws. "We are not necessarily bound by the procedures. We are bound by the bylaws." She said that the board would review the procedures and maybe revise them. ."

Eliane also announced that they had actually appointed someone to be the "Elections Coordinator" as stipulated by the Bylaws.

That's different. Last year board president Bob Page didn't bother to select an elections coordinator so that proves what we already knew, that the board didn't do the election process right last year. The plan then was to have no elections, but some damn anarchist insisted on running and "cost the station thousands of dollars."


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