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ISSUE No. 12 - Spring 2014



Jane Futcher, John Sakowicz, Bob Page

Eliane Herring, John Coate, Meg Courtney, Stuart Campbell
Holy Madrigal, Ed Keller,
Paul Lambert

Above: New board members are Jane Futcher and Paul Lambert.

Dear KZYX folks,

Some facts, off-the-cuff thoughts and rumors.
Someone else who was there will perhaps correct me and help fill in the gaps, and anyway soon there will be newspaper reports. Please comment.

Mon 6pm, 5/5/14. Space Theater, Ukiah

There was no actual meeting of the members. It was a board meeting, and the public was allowed 3 minutes each, one time. Still much happened in my head.

No video taken at this meeting. However, I took pictures of most of the participants and will post them to and Facebook later.

(continued below)

Below members of the public.

new news person
Tom Melcher
Michael Kisslinger
New news person

Tom Melcher

Sheila D. Tracy



farm and gardens
Doug McKenty
Programmer from Farm and Garden show
Doug McKenty speaking

Collins comment (continued): No video taken at this meeting. However, I took pictures of most of the participants and will post them to and Facebook later.

I saw three journalists there, Frank Hartzell, Malcolm McDonald and Sheila D. Tracy. Sheila audio taped the whole meeting as usual. From that tape she will write a lengthy report, as usual, which will appear within a week or so. Frank and MalColm will have something out in the next few days, perhaps, but it is Sheila's report that will be definitive.

The board spent a lot of time discussing the Ukiah studio prospects and the problems with the propagation of the signal from Philo. There were diagrams in the packet, hand-drawn with felt markers in color. I will post them at greenmac as well. The solution to the problem, according to the analysis presented, is to move the main studio to Ukiah, and build new transmission facilities, which will cost, I think it is about $70,000. Some asked: Why not raise money specifically for that project, which is popular in Ukiah? For some reason management and board don't like the idea of raising money for specific projects. Ties their hands, they say. In the general fund they can use it where it's needed. Oh and yes it was admitted that the money from the Ukiah Studio was absconded and they are sorry, but things were bad financially and it had to be done. But, I want to ask (but not allowed): Well, gee, the station is in the black now, so can you give us back the $6000? Please? No chanc!
e to ask that question, and therefore no answer.

I guess that there were 20 or more in the audience, scattered around the Space auditorium in little clusters. The board seated at a table in front. A pretty good turnout. Here are some of the people I recall:

Mike Grady, former board president who with Jane Futcher and others, back in 2006, established board procedures for regular committees and public input. He's been at all the recent meetings taking copious notes. An honest liberal and a scholar. I wonder if he is reporting to the board?

Doug McKenty, runner-up At-Large candidate. Former host of Open Lines, now hosts the Facebook page for KZYX Members For Change. He says that once the censoring machine is installed he and unspecified co-hosts will be back on air. He's on this list so he can say what he discussed.

Tom Melcher, spoke congenially as usual, He got 147 votes for the At-Large seat.

Paul Lambert. who won the At-large seat, barely, with a little over 300 votes (41%) over McKenty, 280 or so (37%). Paul was very cordial to me,considering what a hard time I gave him whether he would report back to us on this list. He seemed genuinely interested in what I thought should be done. What do I want? Well, basically, I want what I was badgering you about, which is for you and the rest of the board to report back to us regular folks. Like it says in the petition, respect the members by publishing agendas and having a board access show with call-ins, But there are other ways to communicate, which could be used by the board to keep in touch, interactively, with the public.

While I was talking to Paul, Michael Kisslinger, appeared and he was very angry with me about something. He used some nasty words but I didn't get what he was so mad about. I asked Paul if he knew what that was about. He didn't and neither do I, but this being a mostly subjective report, I just had to mention it.

David Hopmann, Attorney, former president and treasurer, was there as he has for all of the recent meeting. He seems to be probono legal council for management. On the darker side, Bob Page implicated him in the disappearance of the Grady-Futcher committees. (see "Case of the Missing Committees" at

The new news person, I'm not sure of her name, Cindy? was introduced.

Dorothea and several others were there. Some well-spoken folks.

During my 3 minutes, I presented the printouts of two "communiques" from the "Members For Change legal team," which pertain to the relevance of the CA nonprofit code to the rights and responsibilities of board members. I also asked if the board was acting under any parliamentary procedure like Roberts Rules Of Order? No response as yet.

Disturbing rumor: Anonymous sources at the meeting said that Norm de Vall's Access show has been cancelled, as well as his highly respected candidate interviews. These sources said that the action was taken because de Vall is perceived as critical of management and that individuals with such views are not allowed be programmers at KZYX or to host an interview type program. What about that, Norman?

That's all for now,

--king collins

Comment on KZYXtalk by Norm de Vall:

After a brief meeting with Mary, I was told that KZYX staff would conduct the interviews; she followed with (and this is almost a direct quote):

"Aanyone who criticizes the station or enables others to do so won't have a microphone".

I called again last week and again received a "e've got it covered."

So much for being a proponent of free-speech and being a volunteer.

The real issue here was my launching kzyxtalk enabling anyone to express themselves regarding their radio station and programming while not being
able to do so on air.

What an irony……Having to go to the internet to "talk" to say what you can't say on the radio.

--Norm de Vall


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