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ISSUE No. 16 - Spring 2016

Lorraine Dechter is the new General Manager of KZYX

L Dechter

Above: Lorraine Dechter was inaugurated General Manager at the January 4, 2016 Board meeting.

New Year Greeting to the board from King Collins
(Full text here)

Members Continue To Demand Document Inspection
Scheduled for February 1

Lorraine Dechter, Member Inspection. Board Secrecy, Committees Disbanded
(excerpt from recent correspondence below)

Dear _______.

Lorraine Dechter (the new GM) is no doubt a nice person, but...following through on the "inspection" is important to enforce and set a precedent in favor of member rights.

In spite of the resignations (John Coate and Mary Aigner) it is clear that the culture as you say has not changed. Most obviously, the board continues to operate secretly in on-line closed meetings. And of course the board continues to refuse to discuss these matters in an open public format, like KZYXtalk….If there were a public debate many of these issues, including programming issues, could be resolved. Secret discussions will not work for that.

The new board has not had the fortitude to rescind the obviously false and inflammatory policy decision to END SAFE HARBOR!

And are you aware that board president Meg Courtney DISBANDED THE GRADY PUCLIC COMMITTEE SYSTEM at the last meeting? And that decision undercuts the idea that the board is acting in the interest of “good governance.”.

The decision to end the committees was done per the bylaw that gives such power to the president.That is a (anti-democratic) structural defect, which has been used at crucial times:

- as in 2004 when President Miksak disbanded the Ukiah Studio Committee which led to the hijacking of the Ukiah Studio account (one of the things I'd like to check out in the inspection, by the way)

- and now in 2016 President Meg Courtney disbanded the Grady Public Committee System.

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