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ISSUE No. 3 - June 2006

KZYX Board Leans Toward Egalitarian Point Of View
Hires General Manager
Member Participation Issues Still Unresolved

Above: First meeting of the newly seated Board at KZYX, May, 2006. (See Issue No. 1 for background and The Secret Life Of KZYX) From left: Belinda Rawlings, KZYX GM (just hired), Jane Futcher, Tony Miksak, Charlie Hockberg, Antonia Lamb, Linda McClure, Eric Enriquez, Johanna Cummings.

Lynda McClure nominated a winning slate.

Report of the June, 2006 Board Meeting
and more pictures

KZYX Programming Council
Is it for real? I don't think so.

Community Advisory Groups
Silence about Ukiak's proposal

Still waiting for input on KMEC (see Issue 4 and 5)

Previous Issues of the Media Forum

ISSUE 1 - May 2005
The Secret Life of KZYX: A Minority Report

ISSUE 2 - September 2005
Responses to the Minority Report and Updates

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