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Mendocino County
"Community Control • Public Access • Free Speech"

June 2008

photo of  KMEC radio at  Board of Supes

KMEC 105.1 FM broadcasting the Board of Supervisors meeting in September, 2007. Govinda Dalton at the controls. This work by KMEC is one of the most important activities of the MEC. However, the MEC's organizational practice and outreach leaves much to be desired.

A Jaded But Accurate Overview Of The MEC Board

Summer, 2008

by King Collins:

When we left off (Median Forum Issue 4) the MEC board had just consolidated itself in exactly the ways we expected (but hoped wouldn't happen).

The Good Folks Who Can Work With Each Other won the election using backroom maneuvers (see Origins of the Slate). The Bad Folks Who Are Uncooperative And Hard To Work With (the egalitarians) were left with no voice on the board. Since then the Good Folks have got themselves elected again.

Unfortunately The Good Folks are having trouble getting new members and making enough money to pay the rent.

The Good Folks eliminated the critics in their midst according to the idea that it is better to talk to each other than to include dissident voices. However the friendly,
"cooperative" voices were vapid and unimaginative, so there is not much chance of an exciting idea for a membership drive or a new kind of fund raiser.

Sid Cooperrider, who by his own admission, could care less about democracy, maintains virtually total control over the member list, web site and other vital organizational material. Early on he conspired with Ukiah Morrison (with Chris Bennett coaching from the sidelines) to take over the MEC. The details of this incredibly blatant maneuver were recorded here in the summer of 2006.

If you want to know more about the recent history of the MEC (and you haven't seen it before) you could start with the first article (below). The lastest effort to restore democracy is reported in the August, 2008 proposal below.

Why Bother with the MEC
Overview and recent history (From Issue 4)

More recently (Summer, 2007) Gabrielle Welford and King Collins were ordered off the editorial committee because of a "disputed editorial" which illustrated once again how sensitive the current board is to critical comment.

MEC Review/Disputed Editorial
The disputed editorial and the decision to disband the editorial committee.

In August 2008, Gabriel Welford and King Collins appealed to the boards of the Cloud Forest Institute and the MEC. Copies of the following proposal were delivered or emailed to the board members of both organizations:

Proposal For A Mediation Workshop:
Democracy In Community Organizations

(150K PDF file)

Recalling an earlier discussion:
Limiting Paricipation to the "Cooperative" People
Email discussion from the Elections Committee listserv

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