Introduction To The Interviews

These two interviews were completed in the summer of 2007. They were part of an effort to create a quality publication for the MEC (The Mendconcino Environmental Center) and the wider community of activists, a publication capable of expressing the activities and discussions going on within and around the organization. The idea for the project came out of conversations among Dennis O’Brien, Gabrielle Welford and King Collins. For more about the recent history of the MEC see previous issues of the Media Forum.

Alicia Littletree and Dan Hamburg are unique individuals and both were participant-leaders in the MEC and have served on its board of directors.

Environmentalists and activists of all kinds (even activists for causes we may hate) will quicken to the words of Alicia Littletree. “There’s something empowering about pulling something off” she says. “It changes you.” She could easily have gone to college and had a Ph.D. by now. Or she could have hung out with Earth First! for a while and gone ahead with a career. Instead she became a protégé of Judi Bari, and grew up in the intellectual and cultural milieu of anti-war and environmental activism and critical thinking. Her thoughts contain organization wisdom learned in the actual practice of direct action over an extended period of time. Whether as organization or activist, we can take advantage of her experience in brass tacks organizing to rekindle the spirit of activism at the MEC.

Dan Hamburg is undeniably a spirit for change, a man with the political savvy, the gift of the gab, and the charm to be a big-time politician—who knows, maybe even President of the United States. He was well on his way 15 years ago, when he was elected to congress, along with a many other Democrats. The new congress was expected to be a whole new ball game, with Democrats in the majority of both houses, and in the Presidency. Dan stood up for universal health care, but the Clintons backed down. Dan stood up for the environmentalists in the timber wars, and big timber attacked. It’s a very interesting story, and with universal health care still a dream, his experiences are all too familiar,

The Democrats have once again taken the Presidency and sweept into power with the promise of change. Will it be different this time?

* * *

We like Alicia and Dan because they remind us of what we could be doing.

King Collins and Gabrielle Welford

The Interviews: Alicia Littletree and Dan Hamburg