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Dotty Coplen
Regarding John Sakowicz

Here is a copy of the letter to KZYX from Dotty Coplen


I do not know if I should start with Paul Hanson or John Sakowicz aka Sakawitz.

It did not take long for those of us on the Grand Jury with Sakowitz to realize that he was a glib fraud.  He merged his fantasy with reality and seemed unable to sort out the truth.  How can Hanson be so gullible? Why does he see his role as the promoter of Sakowitz, his step son and his wife?  It is an extreme bias that is not afforded to other programmers

Sakowitz claimed to be an attorney. He was not.  

He claimed to have been a resident of Mendocino County for one year as required to be on the Grand Jury.  He had a Colorado drivers license and car registration making Colorado his domicile.

He claimed to know famous people after their deaths when no one could check his claims. Most recently it was Ted Kennedy.  Why believe that story?  

More of the same led us to realize that truth was an elusive issue for him.  He was and still is into self aggrandizement and Paul Hanson using him almost daily on the news is a disservice to KZYX listeners.

Why should one programer be given news time regularly and other programmers ignored on news broadcasts?

Sakowitz ramblings are not about Mendocino county and we can read on many  web sites what he proclaims as his opinions.

Most of us want to hear local news.  Better to read the Willits, Fort Brag, Ukiah papers and the other weeklies than listen to Sakowitz glib chatter.  We want to know what is  happening in out county, cities and state.

Paul Hanson’s gullible promotion of  Sakowitz and his step son are transparent and annoying, reducing the confidence that I previously had in the news that was provided. on KZYX and Z.

Spare us the daily dose, it is bad enough that you have given him  program time every other week. Do you really believe a Wall Street big shot Hedge Fund manager would have worked in our county jail? How naive can you be?


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