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ISSUE No. 7 - June-August 2009

Crisis of Transparency At KZYX

KZYX FM Booneville California. Popular radio journalist, Christina Aanestad, has been laid off. The move was a complete surprise to subscribers and even to people who work at the station.

K. Collins, 6-25-09, Crisis of Transparency at KZYX. Letter to the board and other lists:

K. Collins, 6-30-09, "Open the Closed Board ListServ" and exchange with General Manager, John Coate.

Vetting Sakowicz:

Mr. Sakowicz and whether he is or is not some kind of con man is not the main issue. The main issue, in the opinion the editor of the Media Forum, is whether the board/management of our radio station is ever to become a transparent (honest is a word that might be used here) organization. The Media Forum has followed the transparency issue since 2005. The current board and management of KZYX are not interested in even trying to be transparent in a meaningful way.

Questions about Mr. Sakowicz and his character are not resolved by the confidence expressed in him by Mr. Coate or anyone else in the management of KZYX because, by policy and inclination, they do not intend to let us know what is really happening. That is the issue, and until community media finds a way to be transparent and stops rejecting obvious solutions (see correspondence above), the responsibility for such matters as vetting Mr. Sakowicz falls to those who have the energy to find out for ourselves.

Here's some of the material sent to the Media Forum:

Beth Bosk, New Settler editorial "Beforeward" on KZYX and John Sakowicz. It's a very interesting article.

Gretchen Giles, editor of the Bohemian discusses John Sakowicz Employment at the Bohemian.

Letter from Dotty Coplen to KZYX regarding John Sakowicz

Beth Bosk, April 2008 Correspondence with John Coate about John Sakowicz


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