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Quick Review:
What's This All About?

The Secret Life of KZYX was written earlier this year (2005) by outgoing KZYX board member, King Collins. That's me. It took me two months to write it and I tried to make it as accurate and diplomatic as possible. It is a report of my two years on the board and I wrote it to help us all understand what is going on at the station. Most important of all, I hope to get a good discussion going with other members and make some positive changes at our community radio station. (See Introduction.)

In order to be clear, I used real names and inevitably touched some nerves. Recognizing the sensitivity of some of the discussion, I delivered copies exclusively to staff and board and awaited their response. After two months, I have received only one response from staff and none from the board majority. In other words, I was stonewalled.

To this day, Board President, Tony Miksak, claims that he never read it! However, copies I gave staff were evidently copied and distributed to KZYX programmers because there was a lively debate about it on the programmers listserv. (See cartoon.) In the meantime, I've published excerpts on the web and I've gotten responses from quite a few programmers and listeners, including some previously published "histories" of KZYX. I'm looking forward to publishing them.

Board election

In the meantime there's been an election, in which I ran again for the board, against a nice person by the name of Jane Futcher and I lost. So I'm off the board. That will certainly save me a lot of time and heartache. I talk more about the election elsewhere. (See Comments on the Election.) Unfortunately, Zac Zackary also lost which means that there is no one left on the board who can be trusted to report what is actually happening. The veil of "confidentiality" once again settles over the board. Egalitarian sympathizers, Lynda McClure. and newly elected Jane Futcher (not to mention Antonio Lamb and Mike Grady) are unlikely to directly challenge the "centrists" and their restrictive notion of what members are allowed to know.

As for the Minority Report, I think most people will appreciate it as a window on the actual workings of the station.

Thanks to all those who support the movement toward board accountability and member control. Keep your cards and letters coming. (See contact info below).

King Collins
April 29, 2005

I appreciate your comments.

Please e-mail me or call:
King Collins

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