Tony Miksak's Advice

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If this is not immediately clear to you, here's a brief explanaion:

Tony Miksak, pictured above, is the president of the KZYX Board of Directors, and leading thinker for the Centrist majority. He says he has never read the KZYX Minority Report.*

However, others have read it and commented on it, including over 20 KZYX members, programmers, staff and board members.

The purpose of the report was, and is, to commnicate with everyone involved in our communicty radio station, including the member/subscribers of KZYX. It is a report to the listeners based on the author's two-years on the KZYX board. The correspondence it has generated is available at the Media Forum.

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*Tony Miksak explains that he has not read nor commented on the Minority Report and that the board majority has not authorized it in any way whatsoever.

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